Information on Courses Offered

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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
for Exch
GEDU16910Core Training IGen requiredKO0-2-1S/UKim Jae Hoon
GIFT51501Seminars for Energy Storage Materials IResearchEN1-0-1S/UPark Kyu-Young
EECE48001Intro. To Biomedical Eng.Major electiveEN3-0-3GKim Chulhong
AMSE20101Fundamentals of Mat. Sci. & Engineer.Major requiredKO3-1-3GLee Donghwa
GIFT71601Contracts & Disputes ManagementMajor electiveEN3-0-3G이을범
IBIO71101Advanced Bio-ImagingMajor electiveEN3-0-3GLee Jongbong
CITE30102Creative IT Design III:Adv. DesignMajor requiredEN2-8-6GJANG JINAH
AIGS51001Implem. & Accel. for Machine LearningMajor electiveEN3-0-3GPark Eunhyeok
AIGS57201AIX Solution Studio AMajor electiveEN2-2-3GSohn Young Woo
CITE700N01Smart Living Solution Studio CMajor electiveEN2-2-3GKim Jin-taek
CITE700Q01Healthcare Solution Studio CMajor electiveEN2-2-3G김형함
CITE700R01Social Impact Solution Studio CMajor electiveEN2-2-3GMa EunJeong
CITE700G01Battery InformaticsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GHan Soohee
IMEN11004Entrepreneurship & Tech. InnovationBasic electiveKO2-0-2PASS/No RecordSeo Ribin
CITE490I01Introduction to RoboticsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GYu Son-Cheol