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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
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MATH43901Topics III:Mathematical Data ScienceMajor electiveEN3-0-3GJung Jae-Hun
HUMN43101Understanding Modern History of KoreaGen electiveKO3-0-3GYi Jongsik
CMEF49901Future Enterpri. & Corporate CitizenshipGen electiveEN3-0-3GHahn Guangsug
LIFE622J01AT(Neurobiology, Physiology & Behav.)Major electiveEN3-0-3GBaek Seung Tae
LIFE622K01AT(Trends in Immunobiology)Major electiveEN3-0-3GIm Sin-Hyeog
EECE57701Information and Coding TheoryMajor electiveEN3-0-3GKim Yongjune
EECE490B01Technical Wri. & P. for Elec. Engi. AMajor electiveKO1-0-1GCho Joon Ho
EECE695L01Model. & Control of Power Elec. Conv.Major electiveEN3-0-3GChae Suyong
EVSE58701Environmental Organic ChemistryMajor electiveEN3-0-3GHwang Dong Soo
AIGS61101Machine TranslationMajor electiveEN3-0-3GKim Yunsu
EECE48201Biomedical Systems & Signal ProcessingMajor electiveEN3-0-3G김형함
EECE490C01Under. for metaverse conten. creationMajor electiveKO2-0-2GKim Wooksung
GEDU14201Advanced WritingFree electiveEN3-0-2GBrent Myers
CSED50101Transformation TheoryMajor electiveEN3-0-3GSong Hwangjun
CSED29101Self-Enlightenment for Com. ScientistsMajor electiveKO0-2-1GPark Jaesik