2022-2 General Physics II (PHYS102-05) The course syllabus

1.Course Information

Course No. PHYS102 Section 05 Credit 3.00
Category Basic required Course Type Classroom Course prerequisites
Postechian Core Competence
Hours TUE, THU / 11:00 ~ 12:15 / Hogil Kim Bldg[306]Lecture Room | TUE / 20:00 ~ 20:50 / Hogil Kim Bldg[307]Lecture Room Grading Scale G

2. Instructor Information

Jhi Seung-Hoon Name Jhi Seung-Hoon Department Dept of Physics
Email address jhish@postech.ac.kr Homepage http://cnpl.postech.ac.kr/
Office Office Phone 279-2094
Office Hours 화,목 16:00-18:00

3. Course Objectives

전자기학과 광학의 기본 개념과 응용 방법을 배운다. 전기장, 퍼텐셜, 전류, 자기장, 전자기 유도, 맥스웰방정식, 전자파, 광학 등을 포함한다.

4. Prerequisites & require

5. Grading

퀴즈 20%, 중간시험 30%, 기말시험 40%, 과제 10% (총정 15/100 미만 F)
(출석: 무단 결석시 감점, 6회 초과 F)

6. Course Materials

Title Author Publisher Publication
University Physics with modern physics (15th Global Edition in SI Units) Hugh D. Young and Roger A. Freedman Pearson 2020 1292314737

7. Course References

Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Serwey),
Fundamentals of Physics (Halliday),
Essential University Physics (Wolfson)

8. Course Plan

Ch 21 Electric Charge and Field
Ch 22 Gauss’s Law
Ch 23 Electric Potential
Ch 24 Capacitance and Dielectrics
Ch 25 Current, Resistance, and EMF
Ch 26 DC Circuits
Ch 27 Magnetic Field and Forces


Ch 28 Sources of Magnetic Field
Ch 29 Electromagnetic Induction
Ch 30 Inductance
Ch 31 Alternating Current
Ch 32 EM waves
Ch 33 Nature & Propagation of Light
Ch 35 Interference
Ch 36 Diffraction


9. Course Operation

강의(화,목), 조교연습(화), 물리실험시연강의 등

10. How to Teach & Remark

11. Supports for Students with a Disability

- Taking Course: interpreting services (for hearing impairment), Mobility and preferential seating assistances (for developmental disability), Note taking(for all kinds of disabilities) and etc.

- Taking Exam: Extended exam period (for all kinds of disabilities, if needed), Magnified exam papers (for sight disability), and etc.

- Please contact Center for Students with Disabilities (279-2434) for additional assistance