2022-2 Advanced Immunology (IBIO658-01) The course syllabus

1.Course Information

Course No. IBIO658 Section 01 Credit 3.00
Category Major elective Course Type Classroom Course prerequisites LIFE420 (Immunology)
Postechian Core Competence
Hours MON, WED / 14:00 ~ 15:15 / Jigok Research Bldg[304]Lecture Room Grading Scale G

2. Instructor Information

Kim Kwang Soon Name Kim Kwang Soon Department Dept of Life Sciences
Email address kskim27@postech.ac.kr Homepage
Office 054-279-8727 Office Phone
Office Hours

3. Course Objectives

The purpose of this class is to understand most advanced knowledge of immunology.

4. Prerequisites & require

colleage level immunology

5. Grading

40% Mid term exam + 40% Final exam + 20% attendance

6. Course Materials

Title Author Publisher Publication
Janeway Immunobiology 9th edi. 0000

7. Course References

8. Course Plan

week 1 Overview and introduction
week 2 T cell development
week 3 T cell differentiation
week 4 Antigen receptor generation - T cell
week 5 Antigen receptor generation - B cell
week 6 Antigen receptor signaling
week 7 B cell development
week 8 Midterm exam
week 9 innate T cell - NKT and gamma delta T
week 10 innate T cell - MAIT and ILC
week 11 Antigen presentation and DC
week 12 Innate immunity
week 13 Disease and immunity
week 14 MHC
week 15 mucosal immunity
week 16 Final Exam

9. Course Operation

The course consists of lectures and student presentation.

10. How to Teach & Remark

11. Supports for Students with a Disability

- Taking Course: interpreting services (for hearing impairment), Mobility and preferential seating assistances (for developmental disability), Note taking(for all kinds of disabilities) and etc.

- Taking Exam: Extended exam period (for all kinds of disabilities, if needed), Magnified exam papers (for sight disability), and etc.

- Please contact Center for Students with Disabilities (279-2434) for additional assistance