2023-2 Intermediate English Reading (GEDU132-02) The course syllabus

1.Course Information

Course No. GEDU132 Section 02 Credit 2.00
Category Gen required Course Type Classroom Course prerequisites
Postechian Core Competence
Hours TUE, THU / 12:30 ~ 13:45 / Hogil Kim Bldg[101]Lecture Room Grading Scale S/U

2. Instructor Information

Victoria Elliott Name Victoria Elliott Department Div of Humanities and Social Sciences
Email address elliott@postech.ac.kr Homepage
Office Office Phone 279-2743
Office Hours By Appointment Only

3. Course Objectives

Course Description
This course is designed to improve students’ English ability through Extensive Reading (ER) activities. ER means doing a lot of reading to learn English language, especially literary works. The authentic reading materials used in this course are books for young adults, which will be used to improve EFL learners’ speaking and writing ability as well as reading ability. Reading is the most fundamental activity in achieving knowledge and reading literature especially provides an opportunity to make a student a well-rounded person. This course aims to enhance not only reading ability but also other language skills.

4. Prerequisites & require

Level 3 courses

*This is a highly demanding course . Written homework will be due for every class and each class will begin with a reading quiz.

5. Grading

1) Homework Preparation (26) - 25%
2) Quizzes (26) -15%
3) Class Participation 25%
4) Oral Presentations (2) - 20%
5) Take Home Exams (3) - 15%

6. Course Materials

Title Author Publisher Publication
The Lottery Shirley Jackson 1948
Wonder RJ. Palicio Penguin Random House 2012 978-0552-56597-4

7. Course References

Students are required to upload their work before class. All work must be submitted to turnitin.com 30 minutes before class or a mark of 0 will be given on that day.
Cloze and Comprehension quizzes will be based upon textbook materials.
Presentation topics will be based upon textbook material. (Each pair will be expected to complete at least 2 major presentations)
Students will be expected to participate actively in a collaborative group environment on a consistent basis.
In order to receive an S grade, you must have a point total of at least 90 (standard A-).
Attendance (students with 4 absences will automatically fail the course)

8. Course Plan

Week #1: Introduction to the course and reading from Wonder.

Week#2- Week #7: Readings and Assignments from Wonder.

Week #9- Week #12: Readings and Assignments from Big Fish.

Weeks #12- Weeks #:16 Readings and Assignments from The Lottery

9. Course Operation


10. How to Teach & Remark

A student centered classroom.

11. Supports for Students with a Disability

- Taking Course: interpreting services (for hearing impairment), Mobility and preferential seating assistances (for developmental disability), Note taking(for all kinds of disabilities) and etc.

- Taking Exam: Extended exam period (for all kinds of disabilities, if needed), Magnified exam papers (for sight disability), and etc.

- Please contact Center for Students with Disabilities (279-2434) for additional assistance