2023-2 Dynamics (MECH211-01) The course syllabus

1.Course Information

Course No. MECH211 Section 01 Credit 3.00
Category Major required Course Type Classroom Course prerequisites PHYS101 (General Physics I), PHYS101H (General Physics I(H)), PHYS105 (Introductory Physics I)
Postechian Core Competence
Hours MON, WED / 11:00 ~ 12:15 / Science BldgⅤ[108/110]Lecture Room Grading Scale G

2. Instructor Information

Moon Won Kyu Name Moon Won Kyu Department Dept of Mechanical Enginrg
Email address wkmoon@postech.ac.kr Homepage http://vatrans.postech.ac.kr/
Office KIRO 405 Office Phone 279-2184
Office Hours

3. Course Objectives

In this class, we reviews the principles in Newtonian mechanics and extend them such that we could solve many applied dynamics problems in mechanical engineering. We will treat the Newton's Laws of motion such that they can be easily used in the three dimensional space even with respect to a non-inertial reference frame. Students will study the basics in the kinematics and kinetics of a particle, a system of particles, and rigid bodies. The basics of Lagrangian dynamics will be introduced for easier formulations of some complicated dynamics problems. Typical application cases of dynamics will be treated in mechanical engineering such as the velocity and acceleration, impulse and momentum, work and energy of some components in cam systems, rotating systems as gears, and rotors.

4. Prerequisites & require

Physics Part I.

5. Grading

Presentation in Problem Solving Session: 10%, Quiz 1: 12%, Midterm Exam: 30%, Quiz 2: 13%, Final Exam: 35%.

6. Course Materials

Title Author Publisher Publication
Vector Mechanics for Engineering- Dynamics (12th Ed.) F. P. Beer, E. R.Johnston, Jr. and W. E. Clausen McGraw-Hill 2020 978-981-3157-86-6

7. Course References

Applied Mechanics: Dynamics by George W. Housner and Donald E. Husdon

8. Course Plan

Please see the syllabus provided in the 'pdf' file.

9. Course Operation

10. How to Teach & Remark

Zoom 강의 참가

회의 ID: 851 0571 7630
암호: 6McgPm

11. Supports for Students with a Disability

- Taking Course: interpreting services (for hearing impairment), Mobility and preferential seating assistances (for developmental disability), Note taking(for all kinds of disabilities) and etc.

- Taking Exam: Extended exam period (for all kinds of disabilities, if needed), Magnified exam papers (for sight disability), and etc.

- Please contact Center for Students with Disabilities (279-2434) for additional assistance