Information on Courses Offered

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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
for Exch
CMST30601Modern Society and ScienceGen electiveKO3-0-3GIm Gyeong Soon
SOSC32401Principles of Business AdminGen electiveKO3-0-3GKim Soo Young
MECH10101Introduction to Mechanical Engineering IMajor requiredKO1-0-1GKim Dong Sung
MECH20201Computer Aided Drawing and DesignMajor requiredKO1-2-2GLEE Seungchul
MECH21101DynamicsMajor requiredEN3-0-3GPark Jae-Sung
MECH25001ThermodynamicsMajor requiredKO3-1-3GJeon Sangmin
MECH34001Applied Solid MechanicsMajor electiveEN3-1-3GYHwang Woon Bong
MECH37101Heat TransferMajor requiredEN3-1-3GYJin Hyungyu
MECH399A01Research Involvement AMajor electiveKO0-2-1GLim Geunbae
MECH399B01Research Involvement BMajor electiveKO0-2-1GLim Geunbae
MECH399C01Research Involvement CMajor electiveKO0-2-1GLim Geunbae
MECH399D01Research Involvement DMajor electiveKO0-2-1GLim Geunbae
MECH47001Applied Fluid MechanicsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GLee Sang Joon
PHYS10201General Physics IIBasic requiredKO3-1-3GKim Jun Sung
PHYS10202General Physics IIBasic requiredKO3-1-3GKang Myung Ho