Information on Courses Offered

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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
for Exch
HUMN31101Understanding of LiteratureGen electiveKO3-0-3GPark SangJoon
CMST30301Philosophy of Sci.Gen electiveKO3-0-3GLee Chunghyoung
GEDU16401Table TennisGen requiredKO0-2-1GMin Byung-Nam
GEDU16402Table TennisGen requiredKO0-2-1GMin Byung-Nam
GEDU15701BadmintonGen requiredKO0-2-1GLee Seung Hwan
GEDU16301SoccerGen requiredKO0-2-1GKim Jae Hoon
GEDU15501DanceGen requiredKO0-2-1GKim Sung-Hee
CHEB20701Organic Chemistry for C. Engineers IIMajor requiredEN3-0-3GLee Joongoo
CHEB30101AI for Chemical EngineersMajor electiveEN3-0-3GKang In Seok
CHEB399A01Research Participation AMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/U
CHEB399B01Research Participation BMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/U
CHEB399C01Research Participation CMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/U
CHEB40501Intro. to Polymer Sci. & Eng.Major electiveEN3-0-3GKim Jin Kon
CHEB42501Undergraduate Research IMajor electiveKO0-4-2GYoon Byung Jun
CHEB42601Undergraduate Research IIMajor electiveKO0-4-2GYoon Byung Jun