Information on Courses Offered

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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
for Exch
DISU399D01Undergraduate Research Internship DMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/U
DISU30101Semiconductor Fabrication LaboratoryMajor electiveEN2-2-3GChung Yoonyoung
EECE490R01Circuit Theory PracticeMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/UKim Byungsub
ENTP493F01Lean Startup & Customer DiscoveryMajor electiveKO3-0-3GSeo Ribin
CHEB801U01New and Renewable Energy System Eng.Major electiveEN3-0-3GYoon Chang Won
GEDU16905Core Training IGen requiredKO0-2-1S/UKim Sung-Hee
GEDU16906Core Training IGen requiredKO0-2-1S/ULee Seung Hwan
GEDU16907Core Training IGen requiredKO0-2-1S/UMin Byung-Nam
GEDU16908Core Training IGen requiredKO0-2-1S/UKim Jae Hoon
PHYS42201Femtosecond laser and its practiceMajor electiveEN3-0-3GYKim Dong Eon
YSOC200A01ST in YSOC:Psych. of Abnormal Behav.Free electiveKO2-0-2S/U
YSOC200B01ST in YSOC: Hist. Thrgh Euro. UrbanFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
YSOC200C01ST in YSOC: Global LeadershipFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
YSOC200D01STinYSOC:Sustainable Dev. with Mr BanFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
CHEB801R01AI Application to Chemical EngineeringMajor electiveEN3-0-3GHan Jeong Woo