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Course No. Section Course Name Category Language Lec-Lab-Crt Scale
(G, S/U)
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CSED519013D Model ReconstructionMajor electiveEN3-0-3GYLee Seungyong
CSED490G01Intro. to T. in C. Sci. & EngineeringMajor electiveKO0-2-1S/UOk Jungseul
CSED703K01TinAI:Deep Generative ModelsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GKim Dongwoo
AIGS700H01TinCS:Convex OptimizationMajor electiveEN3-0-3GLee Namhoon
CSED702A01TinCS:Memory & Storage SystemMajor electiveEN3-0-3GPark Jisung
AIGS50101Transformation TheoryMajor electiveEN3-0-3GSong Hwangjun
IBIO71301Contemporary BiophysicsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GShon Min Ju
AMSE742I01Optical properties of materialsMajor electiveEN3-0-3GYKim Jonghwan
LIFE622L01Struc. Basis of Plant Innate Immun.IIMajor electiveEN2-0-2GKim Min-Sung
YSOC200B01ST in YSOC: Hist. Thrgh Euro. UrbanFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
YSOC200C01ST in YSOC: Global LeadershipFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
YSOC200D01STinYSOC:Sustainable Dev. with Mr BanFree electiveKO2-0-2S/U
MECH702I01Introdu. to concurrent topics in M.E.Major electiveEN1-0-1S/UJin Hyungyu
GEDU14202Advanced WritingFree electiveEN3-0-2GBrent Myers
MATH8990901Doctoral Dissertation ResearchResearchKO0-0-9S/U